Giving Beyond Living.

We’re passionate about helping, using 100% of all donations to fund projects, with our administrative costs being donated by John Cherry (The Founder) personally.

Non Profit Organization

Barbara Cherry Foundation

The Barbara Cherry Foundation is a Not For Profit organisation chaired by her husband, John Cherry and supported by two Directors and volunteers.

Barbara Cherry Foundation - Happy Kids



Barbara Cherry Foundation - Animal Welfare, Man with his dog



Barbara Cherry - Helping old farmers



The Founder

A woman who was committed to and loves helping people.

Barbara’s husband, John Cherry formed the Foundation in honour of Barbara who wished her charitable work to carried on after her death.

John & Barbara Cherry


Barbara Cherry - A woman who is committed and loves helping people

Volunteers in action

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At this stage, all we require now is your precious time!

Our Goal

Our Mission

To provide assistance to people in need, who may be going through difficulties despite their own efforts, via the use of Food for the Poor and Disaster Recovery efforts.

Feed the Poor - Non Profit Organization

Feed the Poor

To make sure adults and children are properly fed with wholesome food.

Provide Education - Non Profit Organization

Disaster Relief

To aid people at a time when they feel all is lost and perhaps, and not subject or benefiting from any State Aid. .