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Dec 19 2019


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


We are pleased to be given the opportunity to host a Christmas Lunch for the Fairhaven Rehabilitation Centre where the Salvation Army provide a safe haven and education for people who put themselves forward to be helped in their quest to rehabilitate themselves from drug, alcohol and gambling issues.This site is home to an 11 bed Drug withdrawal unit and 56 bed residential rehab centre.
The menu consists of a Christmas Buffet Lunch including of all of the treats you would normally have on your Christmas Day. Turkey, pork, roast vegetables and plum pudding with custard for sweets.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the who help these people throughout the year to get them on their road to recovery.

What Happened at the Event?

What a privilege it was to host the Christmas lunch for Tamborine Mountain Recovery Centre. We were fortunate enough to have our Christmas Lunch in the beautiful, peaceful Chapel. The grounds here are impeccable and everyone does their share of the work in many ways. They have a men’s shed and a hot house to grow their vegetables and plants. The clients were so grateful and thankful to know that someone outside of there circle of helpers cared enough to give them a memorable day.
The clients here are from all walks of life and professions and have put their hand up for help. There addictions vary from alcohol to gambling and drug addiction. It takes a very strong individual to make the move to a Rehabilitation Centre and some of the clients are here for 9 months until they are ready to move forward with their lives with confidence. There is a lovely rose garden on the property in honor of the not so lucky and is quite emotional to see.
The Management and Staff in this facility are so caring and positive and kind that we were overwhelmed with the whole feel of this place. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be shown around and converse with the clients. Every one has their own experience and story to tell and we wish everyone here a speedy recovery and wonderful future and Happy New Year.