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Drinking water being delivered to a Karara residence.


Karara Community


Jan 31 2020


All Day


Karara Community Drinking Water delivery.
Karara is a small community 100 kilometres from Stanthorpe and 50 Klms from Warwick and is part of the Southern Downes Regional Council.
After meeting with Charee Aspinall who is the Community Development Officer and Pia Fletcher who is the Disaster Management Coordinator with the Southern Downes Regional Council, we were informed of the drought affecting the 41 properties in the Karara area. The property owners in this area are not receiving help from other quarters so the Barbara Cherry Foundation has stepped in. The Barbara Cherry Foundation will be supplying the 41 properties with tankers of drinking water for their water tanks from September 2019 until January 2020 which will them be reviewed to see if their need is still relevant. The drinking water cannot be sourced from the Stanthorpe area making it very unaffordable to have water delivered to their homes.
The Barbara Cherry Foundation will be hosting a free BBQ on Saturday 12th October 2019, in the Karara Tavern, to bring together the local residents to build on to their already strong Community spirit and support of the Barbara Cherry Foundation.
The Barbara Cherry Foundation has been overwhelmed with the help from the Southern Downes Regional Council and was very impressed with the gracious thanks and appreciation from David Keenan the Chief Executive Officer who took the time to welcome The Barbara Cherry Foundation to the area.

We would like to thank all of the Community, the Mayor, Charee and Georgia from the Southern Downes Council, Glen from H20, Pete and Jen from Karara Tavern and all of our volunteers for attending the Community BBQ which was held at Karara Tavern. This event was hosted by us to bring the Community together and what a great afternoon it was. The stories of neighbors that have not seen each other for years, even though they live so close. The benefit of being able to know that they are not alone and to be able to share their experiences was a wonderful sight. The fact they cannot afford to buy drinking water has eased their minds and bought tears to the very strongest of men and women. The stories we were told would bring tears to your eyes and they continue on as Glen who delivers the drinking water informs us of the delight and thanks he receives when he fills their tanks.

One gentleman who Glen has just delivered water for had not had a shower for a very long time and he was emotional and thankful when the tanker arrived. He told Glen he still did not want to do his washing as he did not know when he would receive any more water. Glen has assured him that we will look after him and Glen, himself has donated food for his sheep and is going to get him some much needed toiletries. These people are struggling and we are honored to be able to make a small difference in their lives. We will continue this donation as long as we can.